Pretty things



  1. Nice pictures!
    To answer you question, don't know if you check back at the comment section on my blog but here it is:
    Actually, it's pretty hard! It may not look like it but I'm very busy.
    I recently attended art school where I go now 5 days a week until 5 and sometimes in the evenings.
    And not to mention tons of home assignments I receive. But, my photographer is my friend who also attends art school and most of the times during our break we shoot some pictures quickly.
    Most of the times I just take 10 minutes of the time and shoot some pictures!


  2. :) thanks.
    and yeah you're superawesome:)

  3. Like jewelry!
    Love your shoes!


  4. haha it's so funny to read your blog because estonian is a bit similar to finnish :D cool photos!


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